Sunday, May 23, 2010



The logo of this association is made up of a big yellow star placed behind a smaller blue star. The words "Persatuan Alumni" form the shape of an arch on the top half of the logo, while the words "Convent Taiping, Perak" make up the bottom half of the logo, decorated with 5 hearts.


The colours blue and yellow signify the official colours of the association and the Convent school, which emphasize unity and happiness.

The big star represents the members of the alumni association, who strive to look after the welfare and success of the current students in Convent Taiping (represented by the smaller star).

The hearts show the love that all members of the association have for their alma mater and the caring attitude that binds the members together.

The words in the shape of an arch signify that the members of the association come form all over Malaysia.

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